Introducing PERSONUS

We live in a time where our hearing health resources are more advanced than ever, yet many people avoid using any kind of technology because they are afraid of what people might think of them. Stigma around hearing loss can be debilitating, but studies show that if we change the way that we portray hearing devices, we can ultimately affect people’s willingness to use them by up to 20%.

Hearing technology is simply the original wearable technology, and so we have created a “new wearable product” that does so many amazing things, like monitors your heart rate, allows you to answer your phone hands free, turns on your coffee pot in the morning, and more – oh, did we mention that it is worn in your ear?

There is a catch though, this fancy “wearable gadget of the future” DOESN’T ACTUALLY EXIST. It is simply an amalgamation of lots of different devices and technologies that already exist, many of them in the form of hearing devices.

By drawing interest and attention to a cool wearable gadget, the campaign then shows the public that the gadget they find so exciting and appealing is essentially modern hearing technology, and asks people to challenge their assumptions, bias, and feelings about people who may use these technologies to hear better. After all, they were simply early adopters of the technologies we all want to use now to enhance our own potential.


Please share the website with your networks, but crucially, don’t tell them the secret! Let’s see if we can surprise some people into changing how they think about hearing aids and other hearing technology.

Share the link and add the hashtag #IamPersonus so that we can share what cool things you can do with the Original Wearable Technology!

Right now, only 1 of every 5 people that could benefit from hearing aids actually uses them. This means that if we lift the stigma around hearing loss, we can help to change the lives of those 4/5 people that could benefit from using hearing devices. Let’s show that social media really can be used for good.    

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Welcome To The Hearing Foundation of Canada

The Hearing Foundation of Canada is a national non-profit organization for funding medical research, public education, & advocacy. It is committed to eliminating the devastating effects of hearing loss on the lives of Canadians by promoting prevention, early diagnosis, leading edge medical research and successful intervention.