Green Shield Canada Generously Donates $7,500 in Support of Sound Sense in Ontario

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THFC welcomes new partnership

Green Shield Canada has generously donated $7,500 to help deliver Sound Sense, The Hearing Foundation of Canada’s (THFC) noise-induced hearing loss prevention education program, to children across Ontario.  

President, Dino Sophocleous, commented:  

“We are pleased to welcome Green Shield Canada as a partner in our efforts to save the hearing of children in Ontario.  Thanks to Green Shield Canada, we will be able to reach more children with Sound Sense, our hearing health education and noise-induced hearing loss prevention  program. Green Shield Canada’s support will help us teach children to practice safe listening and avoid unnecessary hearing loss by using hearing protection and reducing their exposure to loud noise.”  

Thanks to the support of GSC, THFC will continue to work hard to ensure the health and wellness of Canadian communities by raising awareness about the dangers of loud noise to young school children.