Medical Research Project Funding Announcement

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Jun 28, 2013

Three $20,000 grants to medical research projects

This past year, The Hearing Foundation of Canada (THFC) received a large number of hearing health medical research proposals from all over Canada.  The Medical Research Review Committee, lead by Dr. Peter Alberti, thoroughly reviewed all projects and commented on the quality and depth of applications received.

THFC is pleased to announce that we will be funding three innovative hearing health medical research projects with grants of $20,000 each. The Foundation will continue to support The Inner Ear Restoration Project and the Sunnybrook Research Institute by funding Drs. Alain Dabdoub and Joanna Mulvaney and their project:  “Hair Cell Regeneration – focusing on Atoh1”.  THFC will also support Drs. Benoit Justras and Jean-Pierre Gagné at the University of Montreal and their project, “Auditory training in noise among adults with hearing problems”.  In addition, THFC will support Drs. Liam Brunham, Colin Ross and Bruce Carleton at the University of British Columbia by funding their project, ““Pharmacogenomics of Cisplatin-Induced Hearing Loss in Adults”.

THFC would like to thank all of the talented Canadians, involved in hearing health research, who submitted proposals for funding.  We wish you all the very best in your research endeavours and look forward to the advances that will take place in hearing health due to your research.