The Hearing Foundation of Canada believes that prevention programs and awareness campaigns are the solution to the troubling trend of increased noise-induced hearing loss among our population. It is extremely important to address the risk of overexposure to loud noise with children at a young age so they can change their listening habits before their hearing has been permanently damaged.


Sound Sense

Several years ago, THFC staff and researchers were becoming increasingly concerned about the rising incidence of noise-induced hearing loss in young people. After reviewing the emerging consensus in a range of international research and examining approaches that other jurisdictions had taken to the issue, THFC developed a new and innovative bilingual program called Sound Sense.

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As babies grow into toddlers, their hearing, sight and voices develop into language skills that will affect every aspect of their lives – with friends at play, in school, and future success.
Babies are individuals who grow at different rates and communicate in unique ways.

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