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You did it! You and about 11,699 other people

What an amazing month of May! In honour of Hearing and Speech Awareness Month, donors like you joined The Hearing Foundation of Canada (THFC) in advocating for infant hearing health. Thank you so much for coming together for Canadian babies.

Only five out of thirteen provinces have sufficient programs for newborn hearing screening and intervention. Access to screening and, if needed, early intervention programs is essential for babies to communicate with parents and for brain development in the very early months of their life.

THFC launched a petition calling on the Federal Government to make infant hearing health a priority. In early June the tinyEARS.ca petition, with your signature on it, was formally presented to the Canadian Government.

Thanks to you, Canada is one step closer to developing a national mandate for infant hearing health. This mandate will ensure that every baby across Canada has the opportunity to receive early diagnosis and treatment for hearing loss.

It is moments like this–Canadians coming together to take action–which proves our collective power to incite change. With every dollar you give, you are enabling us to help babies across Canada, and ensure that they have the resources necessary to thrive.

On behalf of parents, grandparents and siblings and the hearing health community, we simply cannot thank you enough. Thanks must also be given to the Newborn Infant Screening Task Force, the Canadian Academy of Audiologist and the Canadian Hearing and Auditory Research Translation Group (CHART). These groups were instrumental in making sure the campaign was successful.

We are stronger together.

Much work remains to be done. But with your continued support, we will continue working for lasting change for Canadians. Together we can ensure that every baby has the best possible start.

For more information, please visit www.tinyEARS.ca, email hello@tinyears.ca or call us at 1-866-HEAR-YOU (432-7968)